Steven has worked in his West End studio, for the past fifteen years, although his heart remains in the mountains and the forests of his childhood. From the earliest age Steven has created images that are alive with wonder and an active imagination. With no outside guidance his works went into a world of their own, landscapes inspired by his days exploring the Tallia Range, with its creeks and secret caves. The spirit of wonder and dreaming entered his minds eye, to create his Visions of Lost Realities.

Oil Painting Still Life

Oils on Canvas:
From the age of thirteen to sixteen Steven experimented and painted with oil, then at twenty three he took it up again, and worked under Chris Andrews, the founder of the Gold Coast School of Arts. Here Steven learned the techniques of the Dutch masters. Although his graphite drawings were the launching of Steven’s career as a professional artist, since then Steven has been painting prolifically, exhibiting and displaying his work in galleries, festivals, and public spaces since 1991, winning along the way, numerous prizes, awards and commissions.

Fantasy pencil drawing of dragons

Since the age of five, drawing has been a part of Steven’s life. At seven years old he made the commitment to become an artist, from here his drawings became more complex and detailed, Steven drew from his imagination, this fed the desire to continue as his world expanded and his visual mind blossomed. Steven did three classes with Brin Jones, where texture and different grades of graphite were learned. At the age of thirteen Stevens drawings were becoming more fantastic, and his landscapes surreal. Today his collection of drawings number in the many hundred, Steven has around thirty of these in print.

Steven has worked with acrylic for many years, and has numerous finished paintings available, as well as prints.
Originals or prints can be purchased by
contacting Steven.

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Working with clay started as a boy down by the Mudgeeraba Creek, building cities on the banks. Now Steven’s structural forms have taken on a new life, with castles that were inspired by months spent in Scotland travelling and searching out every possible castle to be found.

Painting of a forest at sunset
Castle sculptures made of clay